At-Large Representatives (Building Reps/Grievance Officers)

Term of Office: September 1, 2021– August 31, 2024
Campus Telephone Numbers are preceded by (330) 941-
Monique Bradford -
Co-Chief Grievance Officer
Cafaro House
Jones Hall
Kilcawley Center
Kilcawley House
Lyden House
Recreation Center
Lori Greenawalt
Beeghly Center
Fok Hall
McDonough Museum
Salata Complex
Stambaugh Stadium
Tod Hall
Karen Henning - Co-Chief Grievance OfficerLincoln Building
Meshel Hall
Phelps Building
Veterans Resource Center
Gary ClarkBeeghly Hall
Bliss Hall
Cushwa Hall
Moser Hall
Nicole Wells
Coffelt Hall
DeBartolo Hall
Maag Library
Melnick Hall
Sweeney Hall
Ward Beecher
Williamson Hall
Listed above are your building representatives, who are also grievance officers. Keep this list handy for future reference. If you have a problem that you think deserves union attention, the first call you should make is to your building representative. It may be able to be settled with a meet-and-confer, or it may result in a grievance. Your representatives will have training in grievance procedures and will be able to advise and take you through the necessary steps to resolve your problem.

Other YSU-APAS Standing Committee Members