Announcing the 2021-2024 APAS Executive Board

Your 2021-2024 APAS Executive Board is as follows:


  • Anne Lally

Vice President 

  • Susan Moorer


  • Emilie Brown


  • Carrie Stipanovich 

OEA/NEOEA Representative 

  • Jessica Gaskell

HEAC Representatives 

  • Ashley Riggleman

Election Committee 

  • Carla Mattiussi
  • Michelle Schaper

Building Representatives 

  • Monique Bradford
  • Lori Greenawalt
  • Karen Henning
  • RJ Markowitz
  • Nicole Wells

2015-2018 YSU-APAS Executive Committee

Your 2015-2018 APAS Executive Board is as follows:

Ed Villone

Vice President
Becky Geltz

Mollie Hartup

Mary Jane Quaranta

OEA/NEOEA Representatives

  • Karen Graves
  • Melissa McKenney
  • Carrie Stipanovich – alternate

HEAC Representatives

  • Jennifer Tomerlin
  • Sharon Schroeder
  • Ryan McNicholas – alternate

Election Committee

  • Crystal Bannon
  • Lori Marshall
  • Chris Shelton

Building Representatives

  • Molly Burdette
  • Julie Felix
  • Jacci Johnson
  • Anne Lally
  • Maureen Reardon
  • Steve Taraszewski

Thank you to everyone that voted and all of those that ran for a position. Again congratulations to those elected, your dedication and service to APAS is greatly appreciated!

The Elections Committee