Announcing the 2021-2024 APAS Executive Board

Your 2021-2024 APAS Executive Board is as follows:


  • Anne Lally

Vice President 

  • Susan Moorer


  • Emilie Brown


  • Carrie Stipanovich 

OEA/NEOEA Representative 

  • Jessica Gaskell

HEAC Representatives 

  • Ashley Riggleman

Election Committee 

  • Carla Mattiussi
  • Michelle Schaper

Building Representatives 

  • Monique Bradford
  • Lori Greenawalt
  • Karen Henning
  • RJ Markowitz
  • Nicole Wells

APAS Election Results

Thank you to everyone who was able to vote at Thursday’s APAS General Membership meeting.  The votes have been tallied and below are the results.

2018-2021 APAS Executive Committee:

President: Ed Villone
Vice-President: Becky Geltz
Treasurer: Deanna Parsons
Secretary: Mollie Hartup
OEA/NEOEA Representatives: Jessica Gaskell & Carrie Stipanovich
HEAC Representative: Ryan McNicholas
Elections Committee: Crystal Bannon, Katie Ensley & Mary Jane Quaranta
Building Representatives (5): Ed Goist, Jacci Johnson, Lori Marshall, Steve Taraszewski, Bob Tupaj

Congratulations to the new and returning Executive Committee Members!

APAS Campus & Community Relations Committee

Committee established to formalize the process of requesting/granting philanthropic gifts on behalf of APAS

  • $500 will be made available annually for up to four monetary contributions, in amounts up to $125 each, to be awarded two per semester (fall and spring).
  • The deadline dates are October 31st for consideration of the fall semester award and March 31st for consideration of the spring semester award.
  • The group has already created an application process for any APAS member to use to request funds for a cause of interest. If not selected, in order to be considered at a future time, applicants must reapply.
  • The individual’s/organization’s information will be shared with the membership in case any member would like to personally contribute to the causes selected by our committee.
  • Please contact Emilie Brown if you are interested in applying for APAS Philanthropic Funds for 2021-2022.

2015-2018 YSU-APAS Executive Committee

Your 2015-2018 APAS Executive Board is as follows:

Ed Villone

Vice President
Becky Geltz

Mollie Hartup

Mary Jane Quaranta

OEA/NEOEA Representatives

  • Karen Graves
  • Melissa McKenney
  • Carrie Stipanovich – alternate

HEAC Representatives

  • Jennifer Tomerlin
  • Sharon Schroeder
  • Ryan McNicholas – alternate

Election Committee

  • Crystal Bannon
  • Lori Marshall
  • Chris Shelton

Building Representatives

  • Molly Burdette
  • Julie Felix
  • Jacci Johnson
  • Anne Lally
  • Maureen Reardon
  • Steve Taraszewski

Thank you to everyone that voted and all of those that ran for a position. Again congratulations to those elected, your dedication and service to APAS is greatly appreciated!

The Elections Committee

2012-2015 Negotiations Team

Many thanks to all the hard work put in to the new YSU-APAS contract agreement for 2012-2015.

2012-2015 Negotiations Team

  • Tammy Blake
  • Michael Glonek (by virtue of office as union president)
  • Ray Hoff
  • Jacci Johnson
  • Sharon Mika
  • Susan Moorer
  • Ed Villone


  • Monique Bradford
  • Jeff Butts

Constitution and Bylaws Vote

The YSU-APAS membership has voted overwhelmingly 27 to 2 to accept the changes in the Constitution and Bylaws document. The new Constitution & Bylaws will go into effect immediately and will be sent to the OEA for review and acceptance. On behalf of Sharon and Mary Jane thanks to all of you who came to the meeting and offered your input.

The Election Committee